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Audi's virtual cockpit Audi’s virtual cockpit

 Fortune’s special feature called “Shape the Future” (Jan. 1, 2015) names 11 products that will have a huge impact on operations management and on our lives. Here are just four of them:

A Liquid Bandage for Every Pocket. For centuries direct pressure, stitches, and cauterization were the only tools we had to stop significant bleeding. Now the Band-Aid of the future, a plant-based product called Vetigel, appears to imitate the structure of the living tissue on which it’s placed. In other words, it won’t just keep the blood in—it will help heal the wound too, by accelerating the binding of fibrin, a protein that acts like scaffolding during coagulation, with platelets in the blood. (Next year).

The Smart Car Gets Even Smarter. Nvidia engineers are working to give the next generation of automobiles a brain capable of understanding the world around it. “The car is rapidly…

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